DNow is an app developed on a Hack Day organized by Spanish newspaper El País (previously The New York Times and The Guardian had celebrated other editions). The prototype was designed, partially developed and presented in less than 48 hours. The app was created together with a journalist and a computer developer with the aim of connecting journalists and users throughout live blogs, a notification system and last minute news.
The contest consisted of creating an app which helped users and journalists on live blogging. We were on Diario de Navarra’s team and we opted for Dnow, an app that allows the journalist to interact with users through social media and that feeds news live, giving the users the chance to subscribe to the news they are interested in.
The app main feature is that users receive an audio message with that day’s news forecast. In the main control panel the user can select the news he’s interested in (a basketball game, a trial or any other event) and get live notifications.
Besides he’ll receive alerts of relevant incidents or events that are happening at the moment, being the mobile phone the journalists editorial office and allowing him to update the news from his social media towards his APIs.